Cracks //

Every evening when I head home to work , I see a gentlemen whose truck is wrapped with his company’s info. His profession? Fencing. So the first thing I looked at was his fence. To my surprise it had gaps in it, part of it is leaning, and the fence in general wasn’t anything special. […]

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Unforgettable Actions

While watching the bio-flick on the life of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher, there was one quote from this tech mobile’s life I haven’t been able to get out of my mind. At one point Jobs was arguing with another engineer about a small part for one of the first macs. The engineer had a different […]

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Culture Eats Vision For Lunch

As a Host Team Pastor I naturally have this desire for people to have great experiences when doing business. In my world, one bad experience could mean someone decides to never give our church, or any church, another shot. It’s no different in the market place, that’s why it’s so important we take hospitality seriously. […]

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