10 Things I Can’t Wait to Share with my Daughter:

unnamedThis week hits 32 weeks for sweet baby Emma as she gets closer and closer to entering our world. Just last week we had the chance to see her in another ultrasound and at 4.5 pounds, our little bundle of joy will be here before you know it.

Life will never be the same and Caley and I are so ready. We are taking in the last little bits of life as a family of two, but this Mother and Father are ready to meet their long awaited new baby girl.

As I ponder the idea of being a dad and having the amazing privilege of providing and shaping the life of a child, there is so much I can’t wait to share with Emma.

I can’t wait to share with her the joys of this life Caley and I love so much.

As a Dad I can’t wait to share with Emma:

  1. What it means to experience real love and for her to know my love for her is just one small glimpse of how her Heavenly Father loves her.
  2. What it means to love her mom. To always cherish the woman God gave her and I and the sacrifices she makes daily for us as a family.
  3. What a real date looks like. I pray the dates she has with me set a standard in place for those in her future.
  4. What the pursuit of love really looks like. The love of her Heavenly Father and His pursuit of her on the cross will be a direct glimpse of how her future husband should pursue her. Jesus always put us first and I pray she understands from Christ’s love comes the example, of not only how her parents love her, but how true love is never selfish, but selfless.
  5. About Starwars. Yes…Starwars.
  6. How to do the gator chomp. #GatorNation
  7. To fall in love with reading. Reading is more than just a hobby but it’s how we pursue something greater for ourselves, especially when it comes to God’s Word.
  8. How to spend time doing what she loves and help her discover her passion and dreams. Life is too short to miss one’s purpose and meaning.
  9. To never settle.
  10. That her mother and I prayed for years for her to come and we how love her dearly and we will never stop loving her.

I pray these things for Caley and I and our relationship with our child, but these are just the beginning of an amazing life with lil Emma.

No matter the age of your child it’s never too late to decide what kind of memories they will have of you.

What’s on your list?

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