The Chatter Stops Here. // Book Review

2da9a151e8f52ddda64ec8b47b21d187We have all dealt with it.
We have all experienced it.

The voices of negativity. The Chatterbox.

Recently Caley and I sold our home in Florida and moved to Texas. And if I could be honest with you, the move itself, the thought of doing something this crazy for God was fun. It was exciting. 

But it was when I was apart from Caley for a month while she wrapped up things in Florida, I found myself alone almost 1,000 miles away, sleeping on a air mattress in an empty home… that is when the chatterbox started.

We would all hope our biggest obstacles would be our greatest opportunities, but quite often we believe the negative voices in our head and the opinions of others and we allow them to direct our path. 

The average person has more than sixty thousand thoughts per day, and over 80 percent of these thoughts are negative. – Steven Furtick.

What Pastor Steven is sharing with us is that God wants to achieve a kind of greatness through our lives that is beyond our own abilities. In his book he implores us to use that type of thinking to short circuit the thoughts and patterns the Enemy employs to disrupt the greatness God has instituted in us.

We can crash the chatterbox. 

God has not chosen you blindly, but intentionally. We don’t have to listen to the chatter.

You either kick fear out of your heart or it will keep you out of the place God has prepared for you.

No matter our position or season. No matter our insecurities.

God says…
We are His masterpiece.
We are His workmanship.
We are established.
We are sealed with His promise.
We are redeemed.

c1478e63584048468f02354ca5a56560You no longer have to struggle to believe God loves you.
In spite of what we think of ourselves, He does.

This is a book for all of us. Even though I had this book in my possession for months now, its words helped me when the chatter was trying to tune out all the amazing things God was doing in my life.

My wife getting pregnant and a new job was everything Caley and I had prayed for, but it was in those moments the chatter tried to steal my focus. It was in those moments where we could sit back and just stand in awe of God’s goodness the chatter attempted to take over. As I read this book it was exactly what I needed in my recent transition. When I was enjoying some of the greatest moments of Caley and I’s marriage, the enemy attempted to get me sidetracked… but God, with His goodness and love, redirected my attention to Himself.

He silences the chatter.

Regardless of your current state we all have some level of chatter in our lives. Spending a few minutes learning how to crash the chatterbox and learning to hear God’s voice above all else is exactly what we all need.

This book might be exactly what you need and I would urge you to check it out.

The chatter stops here.


One thought on “The Chatter Stops Here. // Book Review

  1. Great blog Jay…..we miss you but so excited for you and Caley and all the wonderful things God has done and is doing in your life….

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