Cracks //

Every evening when I head home to work , I see a gentlemen whose truck is wrapped with his company’s info.

His profession? Fencing.

So the first thing I looked at was his fence. To my surprise it had gaps in it, part of it is leaning, and the fence in general wasn’t anything special. His fence should be the best fence on the block, right?

This is a massive crack in this guy’s leadership. What neighbor would use or recommend his services?

No one…

We all have cracks in our leadership, some big or some small, but all cracks are problems and if not taken care of they will only grow in size and ultimately destroy the foundation.

Its important we know where our cracks are and address them now.

Addressing them, will not only help us repair them, but it helps us become aware of where exactly we need to grow and change.

Here at we are a high feedback culture. We see feedback as a gift and our leadership equips us with the tools we need to make sure we are constantly reflecting and growing to reach our full potential.

This comes from reviews, personality and gift testing, goals, and even assessment tools so we can get proper feedback from others and grow in our personal development.

I’m so grateful to be on a team where the leadership gives us the tools to start the conversation of addressing those cracks however they try to hide themselves.

So start the conversation.
It may take some digging.
It will be uncomfortable.

But the cracks are only getting bigger.

Here are some great places to start:

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