Culture Eats Vision For Lunch

As a Host Team Pastor I naturally have this desire for people to have great experiences when doing business. In my world, one bad experience could mean someone decides to never give our church, or any church, another shot. It’s no different in the market place, that’s why it’s so important we take hospitality seriously. […]

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7 Years

7 years ago today God blessed me with with an amazing gift: A loving and godly wife. Her name was Caley and on this day back in 2007 she became my wife. On this day in the atrium of a Holiday Inn hotel, the nicest thing at the time Lake City, FL had to offer, […]

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How to be rich.

Being “rich” is the quintessential American dream. It’s in all of us. But what if we were to answer this question honestly: Are we content with what we currently posses? Most of us would say “no.” But why? What if we radically abandoned what our culture says is “rich” and really reflected on what that […]

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