The Change We Couldn’t Believe. // #BringingBabyPorterHome

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Since moving to Texas I haven’t really had the chance to update everyone on all the changes the Porter’s have gone through over the past few months. Caley recently updated her blog sharing our first #BringingBabyPorterHome update since we shared the big news about our pregnancy and move, but of course, I wanted to share as well!

The past few months have been eye opening as God drastically changed our lives in every single way. From answering our prayers about a child, to opening up the door for us to lead at an amazing church,, where I get the privilege of leading over a hundred volunteers as the Host Team pastor.

We look back and we are still in awe. 

Over the past few years Caley and I spent countless hours in prayer seeking God’s will and allowing His grace to comfort us during our questions and doubts. As we wondered if anything would ever change, God was at work. 

I prayed daily about our current job and what God had in store for us next.
I also prayed daily that God would allow Psalm 127:3 to be a reality for us.

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. – Psalm 127:3

For years I prayed asking God not to allow us to miss out on the wonderful blessing of having a family.

God commands us to go and multiply, so I was personally torn and found myself asking, “Why was this happening to us?” But I knew even as we pursued infertility treatment as well as adoption, God was on our side. Regardless of the outcome, we were going to have our family some how, some way. We were even okay with adoption being that one and only source.

The events of March forever changed our world. March 3rd will forever be known as the day Caley and I were blessed with a miracle. 

The chances of us having a child naturally were less than 3%, but with God the odds are always in our favor.

Leading up to March 3rd, Caley and I had become licensed foster parents and were waiting for our first placement call. At the same time, we knew God was leading us away from the awesome church we had called home for 6 years and we really did not know how these two desires were going to work themselves out.

We simply trusted God. 

We knew God would provide the money for infertility treatment if it was His will.
We knew God would give us a child through infertility treatments or eventually through the foster/adoption process.
We knew God had our job situation under control.
We knew whatever happened, we were in His hands.

In two weeks, our 4 year journey was over.
God opened the windows of heaven. 

We were just in awe. I’ll never forget it. Caley walked in and she said, “Its positive.”

We had the amazing privilege for this last year to share our 4 year journey of infertility with countless others who also suffered the same fate.

Honestly, we were okay with infertility being our new life. I even felt a little bad because we had so many conversations with people who were struggling with the same thing. Why us and not them?

1401999454999I don’t know why.

What I do know, is we will never be the same after what God has done in our heart and lives over the past 4 years through this journey and I can honestly say I am grateful for it. 

I say all of this not only for you to rejoice with us and to pray for lil Emma Jayden as she prepares to enter this world, but know whatever season you may find yourself in today, God is with you. 

Know regardless of how long it may take for your journey to be resolved, regardless if it ever turns out the way you planned, it’s okay.

God has it all under control.
Never forget it.
Never doubt it.

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