LifeGroup Leader On-Ramping

We are super excited about your Next Step as a LifeGroup Leader!

Below is the LGL On-Ramping Process:

  1. 1st Connection:
    • If you’ve found this site then someone from our team has connected with you. So jump to #2.
  2. Volunteer Application:
    • If you haven’t already filled out a Global Volunteer Application you can do so here.
  3. What We Believe Document:
    • Once the Volunteer Application is approved take a second and fill out the What We Believe Document. You can do so here. 
  4. Conversation:
    • Next we’ll connect via phone or in person and talk a little more about what it means to be a LGL.
    • We’ll also discuss a few expectations. Which include:
      • Monthly Reflection Report. Reflecting once a month about all God is done.
      • Growing your group.
        • Info Wall Promotion when group is not full. Click here to sign-up.
        • Multiplying.
        • Book Studies.
        • Personal Invite.
      • The importance of serving.
      • Special Curriculum Months in February & September.
      • The importance of Restore.
      • The importance of Chazown.
        • (New Group Leaders must complete Chazown in the first year of being a LGL.)
  5. Orientation & Training:
  6. Community Leader:
    • Every LGL gets a Community Leader assigned to their group. A Community Leader is simply one more person in your corner praying for you and connecting with you to see how your group is going.
  7. FALG.TV:
    • Next is telling us a little more about the vision for your group and getting it on our LifeGroups site. 
    • It’s is an awesome personal LifeGroup management tool.
      • Where you can:
        • Access Leader Resources, Tips and Development tools.
        • View your group information.
        • View pending requests from interested prospects.
        • View the number of prospects waiting to connect with you.
        • Select a button to indicate a connection has been made.
        • Request contact from your campus staff.
      • Once your group is ready to go live simply complete this form:
        • Even if your group isn’t going on the info wall or posted onto the groups site- please still fill out the form.
      • Check out the How To Guide by clicking here. 

Got thoughts? Questions? We’d love to hear them!


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