The Heavens are telling the story //


Have you ever had the heavens open up for you in a way there was no denying?

Some simply believe He created the universe and everything in it, but that He stopped being involved. Like a deadbeat dad.

I refuse to believe it.

Others believe if there is a “god” or “gods” our world is separated from them by a great and unbridgeable gulf.

But that hasn’t been my experience.

God longs to connect with us.

Psalm 19:1-2 The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge.

N.T Wright shares,”Our problem is that we have allowed the ears of our hearts to be closed to what is going on. But what looks to the flattened-out imagination of late Western modernity like “lifeless” matter is, in fact, a world throbbing with God-given life. That life is constantly praising its maker by being, particularly and peculiarly, what it is.”

Creation itself with all its functionality and systems is in every sense of the word praising its Maker. From the very gift of our planet giving us the ability to take another breath to even the growth of a plant.

There it is.
God’s presence at work.

“Matter” itself, the material world, is designed to be flooded with God’s glory.   -N.T. Wright


The question isn’t “Are the heavens open?” but “Are we praising the One and longing for the One who daily allows His presence to be known?”

In the last few weeks Caley and I had some experiences that I can only describe as “heavenly.” Smiles from God reminding us even when we feel like we are lost without hope, there He is.

I hope you can say the same thing about your life. If it has been a while since you “felt” the presence of the Lord. Do not grow weary. He is there.

Loving you every second of everyday.
Showing Himself even in the small things.

My prayer is today we miss not one of them.

Living in the Material World – Relevant Magazine


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