How to be rich.


Being “rich” is the quintessential American dream. It’s in all of us.

But what if we were to answer this question honestly: Are we content with what we currently posses? Most of us would say “no.” But why?

What if we radically abandoned what our culture says is “rich” and really reflected on what that means in terms of global standards?

If you can read this, you’re automatically rich by global standards. – Andy Stanley

In his new book “How to be Rich,” Andy Stanley urges us to stop and rethink exactly what it means to be “rich.”

In the book Andy references a Gallop poll on how socioeconomic groups defined the word “rich.” No surprise, everyone had a different definition of what exactly “rich” looked like for them personally. For most, it was simply double what they currently made. So someone who made $30,000 saw someone who earned $60,000 as “rich,” but the same was true for someone who made $60,000 or even $100,000. “Rich” for most is always one step away.

We all have a dream of achieving some level of “rich,” but what if it was already true?

Andy shares how the American dream is really a recipe for delusion. We see “rich” as the other guy. Rich is the other family. He adds, “Rich isn’t just having extra. Rich is having as much extra as the person who has more extra than you do. Rich is having more than you currently have.”

But if we took a second and really compared ourselves to the rest of the world, even with the financial struggles of America and the current state of the economy… we are way ahead of the game.

On all levels: We are rich.

People would long to have the problems we deal with.

Slow internet? Rich-people problems.
Car trouble? Rich-people problems.
Phone messing up? Rich-people problems.
Can’t decide where to eat dinner? Rich-people problems.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to plan ahead, save, or even leave an inhertiance for our families. What isn’t okay is when we miss out exactly how blessed we really are.

If the idea of seeing yourself as “rich” is difficult for you to grasp, consider picking the book up and taking some time to think about redefining what “rich” means for your life.

If you were to pursue one goal for everything you possess, this should be it. Honor God. – “How to be Rich”


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