The Best of the Best // Super Bowl 48

2014-super-bowl-commercial-radio-shack-483987f0573b9efbThe Super Bowl is the only event of the year most of America is watching the same thing. Whether you’re in it for the game or the commercials it’s the only time of the year we give commercials a chance.

So last night as I joined my friends in watching the big game and talking more during the game then during the breaks, which is crazy, I noted some of my favorites. I feel like this year was lacking in creativity but a few of the $4 million slots did stand out.

Here are my top 5 Super Bowl commercials:

1. The “24” Teasers. Fox could have just blacked out the screen and played a few seconds of the recognizable music from the hit show and fans would have went crazy.

2. Last week we heard the rumors about Jerry and George meeting at their regular spot like the good ole days. Twitter was full of rumors of a reunion of sorts. All you hardcore Seinfeld fans were not disappointed Sunday night. In addition to seeing Peyton Manning crumble, you got a little glimpse of the past.

3. Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful”. It was a great tribute to the diversity of America. I noticed some backlash online, but it made it into my top 5.

4. Radio Shack gave us millennials a blast from our past on Sunday Night. The California Raisins and Hulk… winner!

5. My boy Tebow finally made it to the Super Bowl… kind of. The creativity of T-Mobile for playing off of Tebow’s desire for a contract was well played. Plus it showed Tim’s comedic side and it kept him in front of the American people. Well played Tebow. Well played. For all you Tebow haters… I’m from Florida what can you say.

What was your top pick from last night’s game? Vote and comment below and let the debating begin…


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