One Step Closer 

photo 1Over the past few months I haven’t wrote a lot about mine and Caley’s journey in our desire to become parents. Caley does an amazing job of sharing on her blog when she gives monthly updates.

For the past few months we have pursued what seems like doctor visit after doctor visit in an attempt to make it possible for us to have a child of our own naturally. In the mean time back in September we started attending classes to become foster parents.

Yesterday we got an exciting phone call. We are finally officially licensed foster parents so any day now we could get a phone call for a child to be place with us. This is the first step to us adopting and one step closer to the first addition to the Porter Family.

Even though the thought of that day actual becoming a reality still feels so far away… yesterday was a big deal!

Everything is possible with God.-Jesus

We are excited about now being in a place where we can receive a child and give them a home permanently or for just a period of time before their family is able to love and nurture them again.

I’m telling you all of this because we are so excited about the future and we thank God this day has come and I wanted to share it with you. It has taken what feels like forever to get licensed and approved… but at last, the day has arrived.

As we journey on and share many more updates in the future, do me a favor and say a prayer for us.

  • Pray for when we get a placement call that we make the right decision to say yes or no for our family.
  • Pray for our continued journey with infertility treatments. We have another doctor visit coming up soon and there is still hope they can help.
  • Pray for a miracle. Everyday we ask God to bless us with a child naturally. We know our situation is nothing for our God.

With God anything is possible!


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