#myDunkin Story


My #DunkinStory

For me customer service has always been a huge deal. No matter our job or position, customer service is all of our business. When a company urges its customers to share their experiences online, thats when things get interesting.

We just got a new Dunkin’ Donuts in town so of course I couldn’t wait to get a cup of joe and check out the place. In my two minute conversation with this employee there was profanity and even a racist comment. His name tag read “Shift Leader.”

This isn’t looking good.

I returned a week later intrigued by the idea that there is no way it could be as bad as it was before. This time the employee was more cordial but it wasn’t exactly an experience Dunkin’ would want me to share. After her struggle with getting my order correct, she handed me my receipt and I asked her if she could tell me how much was left on my gift card. She said she didn’t know and walked away. It was clearly written on my receipt, but there was no attempt on her part to help me resolve the problem.

Just days before I got this from Chuy’sphoto copy

We haven’t been in a month or so and I’m pretty sure it’s been months since we had Mike as a waiter. This week Chuy’s trumped any other company I did business with. Why? Because I was caught off guard with enthusiasm and prestige customer service. In a world of complacency great service stands out. 

Mediocrity is never rewarded. 

The next time I’m in the neighborhood of Chuy’s and Caley and I looking for a place to eat, of course I’ll be getting my free cup of queso. More than that I’ll be looking to spend my money where I’m treated well.

Sam Walton once said:
“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

Our customers deserve legendary service. 


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