ONE small STEP

photo-2This week we have all been thinking about what it means to start a New Year. This past Sunday we started the perfect series to accommodate our New Year’s status called “When Pigs Fly.”

Believing for the impossible doesn’t have to be just a dream.

One reality we need to come to grips with when we begin creating change and believing for the impossible in the New Year, is that we can’t accomplish all our dreams today, but we can take one small step.

For example, one of mine and Caley’s goals for this year is to cut back on some TV shows we are fans of. So far this year we’ve decided on 4 shows we would no longer watch. This won’t be the end of our DVR purging, but it’s a start.

This is a small step, but this way we can spend more time doing other activities that align with our vision for 2014.

You’re not going to accomplish everything you have in mind for the New Year in a day. But you can start with one small step.

That step is always the hardest.

Chances are you might have fallen short already on a goal or two. That’s alright. Take a small step today.

I can’t do everything today… but I can take one small step.”
You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas. Who cares? You have nothing until you actually do something.

Every day we let hesitation and uncertainty stop us from acting on our ideas. Pick one plan, one goal, or one idea. And get started. Just take one small step.
The first step is by far the hardest. Every successive step will be a lot easier.
Things Remarkable People Think Every Day, Inc. Magazine


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