How we got here. 


If you checked out my posts from earlier this week (How I prep for the New Year & the #EmptyShelf Challenge) then you know I’m a huge proponent of making commitments for a better life in the beginning of the year.

Whether or not you’re a fan of New Year resolutions, we are where we are today because of a decision we made last year.

Maybe we set some goals for our year and we fell short. It happens.
Maybe we made no commitment to better ourself at all in the last year. It happens.

We are where we are because we allowed our circumstances to create our current reality. 

We all have something we want to change. So whether your a hater of goals or you’re crazy about them…

Here are 11 things we can all do in 2014:

  • Get healthy. We can all either lose a few pounds or eat better. So join a gym. Get a personal trainer. Start a new eating lifestyle, don’t just diet. Do something.
  • Educate yourself. Watch some TED talks. Browse iTunes University. Keep growing.
  • Read more. Make a commitment to read more books this year than ever before.
  • Be better organized. Start using Evernote. Get a moleskin. Create a budget.
  • Give more of yourself away. Your time. Your finances.
  • Let others in. Stop keeping everything to yourself and do life together.
  • Know life is hard but God is greater.
  • Decide what get ours focus. What has our time has our focus so let’s make sure what is most important gets our time. Good things become bad things when they get in the way of the best things.
  • Be offended less. When someone offends us it’s because we let them. We could all do a better job at this.
  • Less technology. We are married to it so let’s allow for some separation. It maybe time to divorce your iPhone.
  • Live in the moment. Our lives are crazy busy so this year let’s slow it down.

It’s time for a New Year. A New Life awaits.


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