My Review of Instagram Direct


Yesterday, Instagram launched a new feature that will enhance how you share your photos with your friends.

Its called: Instagram Direct.

You can take and filter photos like normal, but now you have the option of sending it out to all of your followers, or sending it to selected ones.

Those photos will then appear in Instagram’s newly introduced Inbox.

Now when you’re out with friends and one of you takes a picture, you are now able to send it out to them directly instead of having to remember to do so later.
Or when you find yourself wanting to share your next selfie with a friend this saves you a step.

instagram-direct_2763973bThe only down side is there is no option to then save the photo to your phone. To save the picture will involve taking a quick screenshot (like Snapchat). Another downside is you can’t send a picture back to your friend in the same message, you have to start a entirely new thread.

Some believe this may be Instagram’s attempt to de-throne Snapshat.

Only time will tell.

Want more?
Watch the video here.

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