The play that changed it all // Auburn Tigers

We all have defining moments.
Moments where our entire lives are changed in seconds.
Even with the world and all its moving parts. Even in its complexities we get those moments.
Those moments where our lives can change forever.

For The Auburn Tigers and college football it came with a simple botched field goal. You can check out the video below.

Even if you’re not a football fan you can still experience what the world experienced when watching this particular game.

There is always hope.
It’s never over until its over.

Most times one loss means you’re out of the National Championship hunt, Auburn had already lost a game. In seconds they defeated the #1 team in the nation. They won their next game and with the help of Michigan State beating Ohio, they find themselves sitting in the number two position, waiting to play for it all.

For us, God gives us great opportunities.
Opportunities to rise to the occasion.
The question is are we ready?
Are we ready to face the opposition and rise to the occasion?

The world is waiting to be taken advantage of.
Life changing opportunities await.

For Auburn, the ending to the story will be told on January 6th in the BCS Championship game.


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