JFK: History Maker

361cacc72f885552d5b55a79272e3b1eI’ve been intrigued over the past week by all the coverage of John F. Kennedy as we remember his death 50 years ago today. Obviously, I was not alive when he was in office, but as I read accounts of his leadership style and execution, regardless of your opinion of him, history records he was well liked by Americans.

A recent Gallup poll found President John F. Kennedy to be the most admired recent former president. 74% of the nation calls him an outstanding or above average leader.

JFK knew how to take people on a journey.
He understood how to cast vision for a greater nation.

Kennedy is widely revered not only because of how we feel about him, but also because of how he made us feel about ourselves. In Kennedy’s America, we always reach higher, strive harder, think bigger and act on our dreams. – Brent Budowsky

Even with his faults, he knew he was making history and seized every moment for what it was. He pushed our nation towards greatness and innovation.

Today as history recalls the day he was shot, may we learn from his ways.
The good and the bad.

One man, in just a small amount of time, played an enormous role in the continued growth of our nation.

For us, even though we may never be president…
We matter.

Even in those moments of our day that may appear pointless or meaningless…
They matter.

We have a reason to be alive.

We are history makers.
Live like one.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past—let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” – JFK


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