Success is for everyone

6TXNaSuccess is for everyone. 

I think we’d all agree on that. When I first read that statement, my mind went a hundred different places.

But I kept reading.

It was then I read probably one of the most profound statements I have ever heard by John Maxwell.

If you make happiness your goal, you are almost certainly destined to fail. – John Maxwell

This made me rethink how I personally defined success. My mind was blown. For the longest time and still much even today, my definition of success is happiness. It is hard not to think of happiness as a part of our life, so how could we not equate it with success?

“One of the most common mistakes and one of the costliest is thinking that success is due to some genius, some magic, something or other which we do not possess.”
-Maltbie D. Babcock 

Maxwell’s statement makes us rethink how we define true success. Happiness, though our natural definition of success, is not a consistent feature in our life. Happiness in its basic form is an emotion. We can not allow our emotions to determine our success. If we do, we’ll get no where.

So follow me on this… if happiness is not the definition of success, what is? Maxwell shares the following definition that I believe can bring relief and purpose in our journey towards success. But before we check it out, we have to get one more misconception out of our mind when it comes to success.

Here it is:
Success is not based upon what we don’t have, but who we are becoming.

Most of the versions of success in our minds has something to do with something we currently do not possess. We don’t believe it, but when we finally reach our goal in mind, there will be something else we don’t have that we will equate with success. Then we will have a new version of success installed in our mind.

So here is where the relief comes in. We no longer have to run after happiness or something we don’t possess to equate to success.

Here is a new path:
Success is…
Knowing your purpose in life.
Growing to reach your maximum potential.
Planting seeds that benefit others.

Nothing to do with what we don’t possess, but who we are becoming. Let’s try today to rethink our mindset when it comes to our dreams and future.

With this new definition, I believe success is now truly attainable.


3 thoughts on “Success is for everyone

  1. Great stuff! Reaching our goals is not always rainbows and smiles, it takes digging deep. As you said if we base it solely off happiness, we will get discouraged and as many do..give up. Thanks for the post!

      1. It definitely is. I find it funny how the things we write about often have as much if not more effect on ourselves as others.

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