Let it go

a0d886050d3784feba723eca1b993e60To me a successful week entails a few things:

  • Spending quality time with Caley.
  • Spending quality time reading and praying.
  • Eating healthy.
  • Working out at-least three times.
  • Getting up between 5 & 5:30 am Monday-Thursday.
  • Being a great employee.
  • Putting people first.

Based upon this list, last week wouldn’t necessarily be a week I would describe as SUCCESSFUL.

So how do we rebound? How do we recover from a busy or stressful week?

Here’s 3 ways to POWER through a rough patch:

Know what makes your week successful. In other words know what the WIN is for you on any given week. Why do you get up in the mornings? Spend a few minutes refocusing on what is most important for your week and what brings you the most passion. If you don’t have a list of items you would define as a successful week for you personally than create one. You can’t have a successful week unless you KNOW what success means for your life. Make a list then live it.

The strength of your character is tested daily as a leader, and your success will ultimately be dictated by how approach obstacles – MAYRA JIMENEZ

Tell somebody you had a bad week. I did horrible when it came to our diet and workout routine this past week. We got busy and had some late nights so I wasn’t able to really do what I normally do in the mornings. So I’m telling you to keep me accountable for this week. Unless you let someone in, who is going to keep you accountable? When you share with others your goals and dreams and seek out accountability, it shows just how focused you really are about reaching your goals. Share your life with someone. Making a difference is never done alone.

Find time to dream. When you have a rough week you’re already down on yourself and the temptation to fail again is present.  I just recently had one of my mentors share with me the importance of this exercise. To counteract your feelings of last week, find some time to dream and get your creative juices flowing. It will help you forget about last week and focus on the future.

Bottom-line: Let last week go.

Let’s make this week happen. It’s ours to own.


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