I choose to go there //

photo-2Yesterday Caley and I headed to our favorite bakery in town for a quick lunch. It’s a nice, quaint little place right in the middle of town. When we first moved to High Springs and looked for a place to grab lunch this bakery was one of first places we visited. Since moving here we have seen restaurants come and go but this bakery has stayed consistently strong.

Once we discovered the place, I was a little reluctant to go back because it was a little pricey (judge me if you want – I struggle to pay $8 dollars for a sandwich). But it’s the only place in our small town that sells Boar’s Head meats, so I enjoy it. After a few visits my reluctancy to return disappeared  The service and products at the bakery are always exceptional. The older gentleman, Sonny (who is probably in his late 70’s), who runs the place treats every customer with the same smile, warm spirit, and exceptional service.

Now I CHOOSE to go there because I know what to expect. I know I’m going to get good service. Even when the service is slow, I know they are doing their best to serve their customers.

The atmosphere is different than most restaurants. Good service is hard to come by, and these fellow neighbors truly do give their customers a reason to return.

Ultimately they are not selling a sandwich or an insanely delicious piece of homemade carrot cake, they are selling themselves. They are giving themselves away.

Ralph Waldo Emerson “Rings and other jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only true gift is a portion of thy self.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the best coaches of all time, hands down, is Coach John Wooden. Some of his most famous role models included Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln. Both placed a high value on serving others. As we came home from lunch, my mind went to some of Coach Wooden’s leadership when it came to serving others. My visit to the bakery reminded me of the spirit of Coach Wooden’s leadership.

Coach Wooden passed away in 2010 but has shared his leadership philosophy in numerous books.

Here are some interesting observations from his life:

Even as the most famous coach in American sports, he never had an unlisted phone number.  He was committed to being available to anyone who wanted to connect with him.

Coach Wooden’s players did not leave the locker room – either at home or on the road – until it was clean. He viewed this as a common courtesy to the cleaning staff. 1

Being considerate of others makes you naturally inclined to help others. – Coach Bob Starkey Texas A&M

So as your round out your week, let’s grab ahold of the spirit of Coach Wooden and Sonny who runs a simple small bakery in my town.

Let’s serve others. When your focus is others, life is just better.


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