HELLO MONDAY // Take someone for a ride

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“Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.”
– John D. Rockefeller
American industrialist, philanthropist, & founder of Standard Oil Company

We have all seen leadership displayed correctly and poorly at the same company. We’ve purchased an item or service from someone, maybe even at the same location, and the experience go either way.

For the most part, we only remember the bad. It’s just how our mind functions. I’m the kind of person if I leave a place and the service was horrible, I feel like a wasted my money. Regardless of the product, if the lack of service continues, it’s only a matter of time until I won’t return.

What I wish would happen, is the employees who get it right, would take their coworkers for a ride. A ride to their level of expertise.

Rockefeller was a business genius and today he shares with us one of the foundational elements of leadership.

Good leaders take others for a ride.
A ride of self growth.
Good leaders make others better.

So if you feel you are a good leader then the evidence is in how you make others better.
Maybe you feel like you’re not such a good leader. Dont wait for someone to come to you. Create change. A new future awaits you.

Before we can bring out the best in others, we have to find the best in ourselves and doing so isn’t difficult. It’s simply believing you can be a better leader and making daily decisions that make your dream a reality.

When we purposely grow our capacity we are preparing ourselves to help others do the same.  THEN we are ready to bring out the best in others.

When we bring out the best in people, it’s a win for the entire company, especially the customer.

We all have a level of SUPERIORITY in us, but are we willing to find it deep within?  Are we willing to find it in others?

You co-workers are waiting…


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