One step closer


No matter our age, it’s happened to us all. We’ve blinked and what we had planned to happen hasn’t happened. 

  • It’s been 5 years since you made a commitment and you are no where closer to accomplishing it.
  • You were suppose to have this many kids by this year.
  • You were suppose to have this much money in retirement by this age.
  • Be promoted by now.
  • Be in better shape.

For me as a twenty something, those types of moments haunt me.
We’ve all had them.
Some more often than others.

No matter your age, the more you want to succeed, the more you desire to see change.

  • What I have a hard time telling myself is wherever I am, “it’s okay.”
  • What I have a hard time doing is relaxing.
  • So when I have those “moments,” when it hits me, my wife steps in and reminds me “it’s okay.” She reminds me of how far we have come and the future God has in store for us.

She reminds me IF it’s God’s will it will be.

Whether what we wanted to see happen happened.
Even if the outcomes aren’t what we wanted.
Quitting isn’t THE option.
Learning to trust God is.

So today, let’s at least take one step closer to our goal.
One step.
Then do it again tomorrow.

God has plans for you that you don’t even know about.  But it’s hard to be lead while you’re sitting there. – Cory Brooker

If you take one step towards your dream today, you are a success.- Paul Angone

Just the other day I read a blog that shared the following statements:

  • You will die sooner than you think.
  • You will be forgotten.

When I think about all I want to do, those words freak me out.

But you know what? When I see how much time I have left, it helps me get serious about the time I have now. 

So when I have those freakout moments either on a random Thursday when my job is stressful or for me, I really get a little crazy about this kind of stuff around birthdays and New Years.

I’m gonna try to slow it down a notch.
Learn to relax.
Learn to trust God more and take one step closer.


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