Hello Monday // I believe in you

_70526370_wilsonThis past week a grandfather from Wales received the ride of his life when he got to watch his 16 year-old grandson make his professional soccer debut.

It gets better.

When his grandson was only 18 months old, Peter Edwards, placed a bet that his grandson would one day play professional soccer. The bet was for 50 British pounds, or $80.73, and Edwards was quoted the odds of 2,500/1.

He overcame the odds and is now set to receive £125,000 ($200,000).

“When he was about 18 months old he used to chase a ball around on the carpet before he could walk.”- Peter Edwards

This is more than just a story of a grandfather getting lucky.
He believed in his grandson. 

Some of us have never felt such a feeling.
The feeling of having someone believe in you.
The feeling of having someone in your corner.

Well now you do.
If you’re reading this, know I wrote this blog for you.

So you would know that someone believes in you.
It doesn’t matter our past or if we’ve ever met.

Run after your dreams.
Overcome the odds.
My bet is on you. 


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