Masterpieces fill our day //


A recent video has been spreading online of famed British Artist Banksy and his work being covertly sold in New York City’s Central Park. His graffiti-style work could fetch thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead, on this day he earned $420 from the sale of eight pieces of artwork to three customers.

He sold what would normally gets him thousands for just $60 a piece.
One piece of art that was set in the center of the table, sold last June for $249,000.
There it was just sitting there, but sadly being overlooked.

It was part stunt, part social experiment: If people don’t know they are looking at work from a world-famous artist, do they even care? – The Daily Beast 

As busy New Yorkers passed by the artwork, almost no one noticed.

Beside’s being a social experiment, this just goes to show the beauty we pass by every day that we pass off for nothing. The beauty simply becomes a backdrop in our day. Whether we just simply fail to recognize its beauty or we just choose to overlook it.
We can’t afford to miss it. 

The beauty found in our lives deserves a second look, not just a pass.

Whether it’s art being sold on a street corner, a conversation, a relationship, or any other part of our day, beauty is all around us.

We are walking by masterpieces every day and we have the opportunity daily to interact with them.

Life changing experiences like this one can be wrapped up in the day to day operations of our lives. Sadly, the daily grind can rob us of so much.

How many thousands of people walked by this investment on the streets of NYC that could of been life changing for them and their family?

How often do we?

What we may be looking for could be right in front of us. It just may appear to be nothing.  It may just be sitting in the background of our daily lives.

So don’t rush today. Don’t overlook today. Don’t miss out on the details of the landscape of your day.

Something priceless may be right before us.


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