Hello Monday // Time to Sacrifice


Know this week: Sacrifice is a part of anything worth doing. 

As we get ready for a new week, for me personally, it comes on the end of an awesome week of vacation Caley and I spent in Savannah, Ga. We had an amazing time together relaxing and exploring the city. This week would have only been possible through careful and consistent budgeting and because we made strategic sacrifices throughout the year. Those sacrifices (not eating out all the time, budgeting, etc), though difficult at times, were well worth it.

As we explored the city much of our commute took us through the squares/parks that cover the city. Each one is filled with rich history as well as the opportunity to experience awesome community for those who live around the squares. The squares draw people to them.

If you ever visit, you may find yourself coming across Madison Square just off of Bull Street. In the center sits a 15.5-foot bronze statue of Revolutionary hero, William Jasper. In 1776 during the Battle of Sullivan’s Island his troops were in an intense battle with the world’s greatest navy. His regiment’s flag had been shot down and laid outside of the fort. Jasper leapt across the walls and calmly retrieved the flag and placed it on a cannon sponge staff and then planted it on the summit of the fort as bullets sprayed all around him and shouted “God Save Liberty and my Country forever!” His actions inspired his troops to victory.

On the morning of October 9, 1779, 3,500 French and approximately 1,000 Americans prepared to launch an assault against British positions, who controlled Savannah, in what is known as the Siege of Savannah. Jasper once again tried to plant his state’s flag to rally his troops, only this time he did so by rushing into the enemies troops in attempt to get them to advance their position. Sadly, this time he lost his life and his troops lost the battle.

But his sacrifice would not be forgotten.
They might have lost the battle but the war was another story.
The statue placed in Madison Square commemorates his sacrifice.

Like all great leaders, he sacrificed for a greater cause.
He was willing to put himself in uncomfortable situations for something bigger than himself.
A leader’s sacrifice is a part of the job description.

Purpose is truly fueled by sacrifice.

Jesus never sugar coated what He was willing to do for humanity.
He was willing to offer the greatest sacrifice of all time.
Jesus also never sugar coated the sacrifices that would have to be made to follow Him.

“Whoever wants to be first, must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.” – Mark 9:35

Jesus shared with us that it’s because of our sacrifices we get to experience more of life.

When you think about sacrifices that need to be made in your life what comes to mind?

What sacrifices are needed to take our marriage to the next level?
Our family?
Our spiritual life?
Our job?
Our relationships?

Reflect: Great LEADERS make great SACRIFICES.


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