Love At Its Finest //

bob-cousyI had never heard of Celtic great Bob Cousy until I ran across this article. Bob just recently lost his wife after 63 years. Missie passed away after a massive stroke, but for 12 years lived with dementia.

For 12 years he loved her.

He cared for her by “working hard to create the perception that his once-independent wife was vital and healthy.”

  • She believed she could still drive so he shipped her vehicle to their home in Florida each winter so she could see it in their driveway.
  • He planted artificial flowers in her garden.
  • He did all the household chores and let her think she had done them herself.
  • He stocked the fridge with her favorite candy.
  • He took care of all her daily medical needs.

Love at its finest.

Bob, who led the Celtics to six World Championships, said he never felt defeated by the challenge of caring full time for his ailing spouse. – The Telegram

When reflecting upon her passing Bob was asked what he missed most about Missie, he shared, “…I can’t care for her anymore.”

If you read one article today read this one…

I personally saw this type of love lived out in the passing of Caley’s grandmother a few weeks ago. Caley’s grandfather had spent every day the past few years taking care of her needs. His prayer has always been that he would live long enough and stay healthy enough so that he could take care of her until she passed. As she spent her last few days on this earth at Hospice, her grandfather was there every second taking care of her every need. He walked his wife of 62 years into eternity.

Truly love at its finest.

An example to us all.


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