Hello Monday | My Top 5 Productivity Apps 


Any App store can be overwhelming and before you know it, you can have a hundred or so Apps on your phone and not use half of them. Or maybe you just updated your phone to IOS7 and you want to download some new apps to spawn productivity.

Here are my Top 5 Apps when it comes my weekly productivity. 

Action Method
Our office lives and breathes on Action Method. It’s my own personal to-do list that enables our team to delegate and manage our own daily tasks. We discovered Action Method a couple of years ago and have never turned back. Sadly, Behance, who makes Action Method has stopped producing updates and is not accepting new members. As our team grows the need for a new to-do list management application will be inevitable. I’ll keep you updated with what we decide to use next and I would love to know your recommendations.

If there is one App I couldn’t live without it’s this one. I put everything on Evernote. You can sync all your notes, clippings, to-do lists, and reminders across all of your devices. This free app saves time and energy by giving the ability to save information that you will one day want to revisit. From a photo to a tweet. From meeting notes to recipes. It even identifies words on photos, putting it all in one place. No longer do I need to save content in my email or in folders online or in person. Evernote keeps it all organized for me.

“Evernote is the last notebook you’ll ever need,” Social Media Today

With the shut down of Google Reader it appears blog readers are becoming more and more outdated as applications such as Twitter continue take over. But like most social media platforms, you only see the most recent news and you can miss some amazing content. That’s where Feedly comes into play. Feedly enables people the ability to stay connected with their favorite sites. For me, it’s a way to sort all my blogs so I can quickly connect with those I find inspiration from. If you want an easy way to be inspired and connect with those you love to follow and don’t want to miss their latest posts Feedly is your answer.

Millions of users depend on their feedly for inspiration, information, and to feed their mind.- Feedly

Zite is where I get my news. It was recently purchased by CNN and it is where I find news and information normally not found on the mass media news apps. It knows my interests and I can add topics (not sites) and it delivers relevant information uniquely for me. No matter your profession if you are looking for information relating to any topic or a custom news site just for you check out Zite.

With so much information available online today, it’s increasingly difficult and time-consuming to find the content we want. That’s where Zite comes in. – Zite

Let be honest, we all know whether we do it or not, our production is linked to exercise.  So once I discovered RunKeeper I haven’t stopped using it when I run. From keeping track of your routes, mileage, and endurance, to sharing your progress online to motivate your friends, it can do it all. RunKeeper is the perfect companion.

It even has training plans (some free and others you can purchase) for 5k’s and marathons. It even works while you listen to music encouraging and giving updates along the way.


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