New features of IOS7 for the Average Joe //

ios7-multitaskingChances are you are some of the faithful few fighting for your place in the IOS7 download line these past few days. It took me consistently clicking the install button every few minutes all afternoon Wednesday before I finally got my place in line. I kept getting this beauty of an error. apple-ios-7

Once you update it’s easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of the new design as well as get a little confused and overwhelmed with the new features. So if you don’t have a lot of time to read tons of articles about all the new features and you’re no techie…

Here are 7 new features to pay attention too:

Siri is better.
I know…I have a love-hate relationship with Siri as well. Sometimes she knows who my wife is, other times she is as lost as can be. It really matters what kind of mood she is in in terms of what you’ll get out of her. WIth the update comes some new features to help better your relationship with your virtual companion. 

You can now search using better resources. There have always been a lot of commands she could follow, but now she is able to do that and more in a more elegant fashion. Don’t worry when you ask her to do something and she makes you mad; you’ll notice her button disappears and gives way to a voice graph, just tap it to cut her off if she gets on your nerves.

You can also now teach Siri correct pronunciations. Next time she miss pronounces your friend’s odd last name…correct her.

A new sleeping experiment.
I set on average of about 6 alarms every morning. After I hit snooze this morning I noticed a new countdown on how much time I had left on my screen before my next alarm went off. This feature isn’t getting a lot of attention, but I like it.

Your wallpapers are not what they use to be.
You probably heard about the homescreen coming alive and moving as you move your phone. If you don’t enjoy the depth you can always turn it off in your settings. With the update you also get new wallpapers including a selection of dynamic (animated) pieces.

Time to check out the tones.
You also get a fresh new pack of ring tones but don’t worry you still have access to the classics. You can also create custom vibrations for your very own arrangement of vibrating beats. (This was also available in IOS6, but everything is better in this update, so it’s like it’s new).

The power of the swipe.
In IOS7 you now have more power with the swiping of your finger. When you swipe down from the top of your screen you now have access to control panel which has an entire new look and additional features. While on your home screen  you can swipe down giving yourself access to your search bar. Swiping up from the bottom of your screen gives you access to your toggle screen from any page. You get access to Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Orientation lock, and sliders for brightness and your volume all on one page.

The camera
Of course the camera has been updated. On top of that you now get live filters as well as the ability to take photos in succession by holding down the volume or camera button. There are also new layouts as well.

The double tapping of the home button will show you the new mulitasking set up. Now instead of holding down the app you want to close out you just push it up and it disappears.

These are just a few of the new features on IOS7 that will keep you busy for a while…

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