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Image-1This past Sunday we did something we’ve never done before as a family. We had a completely vegan meal with Caley’s side of the family. My sister in law  gave us a vegan cookbook and the Forks over Knives DVD last Christmas. So last March we decided to try it out. We went from a meal or two a week, to trying to buy all vegan at the grocery store, to keeping our diet vegan during the week. (The weekends are fair game.)

It was an interesting evening because Caley’s parents have never really got into the vegan lifestyle that their kids are “living”. The simple idea of not having meat for many is so out there it is impossible for many to see how such a lifestyle is even achieveable. Honestly, just between me and you, we have enjoyed the journey. We have failed a lot, but at the same time gotten rid of some of the most unhealthiest of habits.

In the beginning we were concerned about the lifestyle change because we thought we were just going to be eating a head of lettuce and raw vegetables. We were so wrong.

I have enjoyed the food, but even more than that I love trying new things with Caley. Trying new things gets us moving out of our comfort zone. Trying new things helps us be okay with the unknown aspects of our lives.

Studies suggest we fear an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one.
-Psychology Today

Think about that…

Last weekend’s dinner was just a dinner. We didn’t know how it would go, but we wanted to share with our family the health conscious changes we’ve made recently.

Trying new things is an important part of any relationship. Caley and I just recently decided every week we are going to do something new together. Last week we went out to eat with a new couple who had tons of wisdom to share with us. We also ate vegan with her family for the first time.

Two new adventures.

Trying new things is exciting.
Trying new things keeps life from being boring.

So today try something new…

Talk to someone new at your office.
Get something new at Starbucks.
Take a different route to work.
Mix up your schedule.

Try a new restaurant with your spouse or bf/gf.
Go somewhere new.

Try something new…

What’s something new you can do or try as a family? What is something new you recently experienced together?


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