Hello Monday | Leadership traits for outstanding leaders

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 8.05.59 AMOne of my favorite monthly reads is Inc. magazine. They recently came out with their 32nd annual list of the the top 500 fastest growing (best run, most innovative, and most inspiring) private companies in America.

They asked this years list to rank 21 traits associated with outstanding leaders.

The top 3:
Capacity to inspire

The Bottom 3
Work life balance

As we get ready to start a new week the above bottom 3 traits are massively important to any level of success when it comes to being a leader, but not as important than the top 3 when it came to these top 500 leaders. Why is that? Well, in my opinion the top 3 are more “others” driven and at the same time more company minded. While the bottom list is more personal and in some situations, even selfish. Both have their extremes, but one has to win.

Let’s be honest desiring acceptance comes more natural than our capacity to inspire. This is the tension we live in every day though. Finding the balance in developing ourselves and developing others and the company we work for.

Be honest. Right now. Which list one is more dominant in your life?

If trustworthiness needs to be #1, then here’s another question for the week: What is our level of trust when it comes to our coworkers? Do people genuinely trust us?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be better at our job, balancing our work life, or being liked. All are important…really important.

But this week, let’s set aside some time to strengthen our trustworthiness and our levels of sincerity to those we work for and with. Lastly, let’s focus on #3 inspiration. Let’s inspire others by living inspirational lives. It will not only drive sales and productivity, but as well push people to live for something more than themselves.

Be inspirational.
Do something.

When we do, the other traits will fall right in line.


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