Hello Monday | 5 Things I do on Monday Mornings

hellomondayThe hardest day for me to get motivated is Monday. Regardless of what we have on our plate, getting ready for the week is hard.

Here are 5 things “I try” to do to get ready for Monday. I say “I try” because every Monday is a battle. No Monday is perfect, but this is how I do my best to start them:

1. I try to wake up on time. I set the goal of waking up somewhere between 5-5:30 every morning. This gives me plenty of time to do what I love to do: read and write. There is nothing worse than getting up late on a Monday morning and feeling behind and not prepped for the week. On average I set 5 alarms every morning. A quarter of them are set 15 minutes before I want to get up. I can’t take a chance of hitting snooze and really turning my alarm off.

2. I try to exercise. My wife and I do our best to work out at-least 3 times a week. The hardest morning to get up? Mondays. For us, Sundays are a work day and one of the craziest and draining (of course they are rewarding as well) of the week. If there is one morning we love to skip our work out, it’s Monday. But there is nothing greater than defeating the Monday blues and feeling good about yourself as you head into work.

3. I try to eat something healthy. My wife and I drink smoothies a lot as meal replacements for lunch during the week. She is my smoothie queen. Many times on Monday mornings since she goes grocery shopping on Monday afternoons, all we have is fruit and vegetables left over from the previous week so smoothie it is for breakfast.

Here are two of my favorite:
Peanut butter

If making a smoothie isn’t an option, I love mint flavored cliff bars and a half of an acai or blueberry Naked smoothie. Both are great to help kick it into the next gear.

4. I try to read something spiritual. As a Christian I get my passion from God. Therefore, spending time reading the Bible is a daily must. Without it, I feel lost and confused and really like I don’t have it all together. So I start my day readying an insert from the Bible. Our church is currently reading the Bible chronologically, so I read it and then read some from the other Testament, that way I get a little bit of both worlds. I also love reading writings from a past theologian or writer not from our era. I am currently reading daily inserts from Spurgeon. Both help me get focused on my day with a perspective not my own. From there, I pray and get my mind right for the day.

5. I try to read something inspirational. I love to dream so everyday I’m writing crazy ideas down in my journal. Most of my inspiration comes from reading what other people are saying. I do my best to read a chapter a day from a book that will give me some sort of inspiration for the start of my week. I want to start the week off believing this week matters. At the moment it may include a chapter from Jon Acuff’s Start, an article or two from Inc., a chapter from a John Maxwell best seller, my blog reader, Zite, or Twitter. These sources help me get a great start to the week.

How do you get ready for Monday? Leave a comment below I’d love to know…

Next week: The First 5 Things I Do Once I Get to Work.


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