Hello Monday | How to crush’em

hellomondayIf you are like me, Monday’s are a day you want to start right. Get up early, have a good breakfast, possess road rage on a low level, get to work on time, and get a bunch done. I love to crush Mondays and feel good about what I get done because I like to set a standard for the rest of the week.

But I gotta be honest with you. It doesn’t take much for me to feel like I’m behind.

For example: My goal every morning is to get up anywhere between 5-5:30 to read, write, and run. If I wake up too late to do one of those three things the feeling of “failure” starts knocking on my door. So what did I do? I made the commitment to go to bed early. Something I have never been able to accomplish, but because I love to read and write (forget running) I was okay with it. I also made a commitment, if I didn’t run in the morning I have to run the evenings. You know how hot it is in Florida in the afternoons? It’s hell. I mean hell.

At work I used to write my to do list in the morning first thing and break it down by the hour. I’d write my list for the entire day at 9am. So by 11 if I was behind and still working on my “10 o’clock” action steps, I felt defeated.

There have been moments by 11am on Monday morning I was beginning to feel like a failure. I begin to believe I will never achieve any level of awesomeness. Then I changed how I recorded my action steps / to do list. I started separating it it based upon morning and afternoon, instead of hourly. The hourly pressure was gone and I was back to destroying my daily tasks and feeling good about it.

Sometimes we get so focused on being awesome we forget what it’s is like to live. We are human. We are not perfect. We are not that important. Our companies will not crash and burn. The world isn’t going to explode if we are not done with something when we planned on it.

We can still achieve awesome status and not hate life in the process. Just with these minor changes I feel great about what I’ve been able to accomplish lately. The great thing is I no longer feel like a failure at 11am on Monday morning.

So on this Monday what is one small thing you can do to push yourself towards awesome status? Nothing too crazy – remember we are taking it slow. Once you commit to something make the commitment to do it everyday for a week. At the end of the week sit down and explore how you felt. At any point did you feel like a failure? If so why? Was it a legitimate feeling?

Or maybe on this Monday you feel behind. Think about this quote from Jon Acuff, “Unless you’re dead right now, it’s not too late.”

It’s okay, breath. You got this…It’s just Monday.


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