The “Crazy Ex Syndrome”

warning_crazy_greeting_card-p137077993861662779q6k5_400-nwqe4q-300x300Have you ever had a crazy ex girlfriend or boyfriend? I know… a pretty weird question to ask, but just follow me. The relationship probably didn’t last because you never knew what type of mood they would be in. They were one way one day and the complete opposite the next day.

No one is looking for that in a relationship with a person or…follow me now…a company you are purchasing a service with.

Just recently I experienced the “crazy ex syndrome” with our satellite provider. Here’s what happened: Our service was interrupted on a random Thursday morning, so I called them to try to get it fixed over the phone. Sadly, it was going to take someone coming out to fix the issue.

Crazy Sign #1
When we got to the point of the conversation about how soon they could come out, this was the first sign that I was in a relationship with a “crazy.” It was going to be Monday  before they could make it out. They’re a huge company – I thought it was a little crazy it would take that long.

Plus, I was frustrated because it was right smack in the middle of the NBA playoffs, but I knew I could watch it online and I would survive.

Crazy Sign #2
So Caley and I go a weekend without TV which was fine. On Saturday night though, I get an email saying I HAD CANCELED my appointment.

So I’m thinking…no biggie they’ll just give me back my spot since there was some computer glitch.

Crazy Sign #3
When I called, they apologized for the issue, but get this, the person who I talked to on the phone nor the person above her had the power to give me back my appointment. They only had the authority to set up a new appointment. The next available opening? The following Thursday morning. She said there was nothing they could do and honestly there was not a lot of sympathy from her.

So I jump on twitter and start talking to their customer service on there.
Here’s a tip: Companies hate looking bad on Twitter. Don’t be a jerk, but know those guys have more power than the people you normally talk to on the phone.

So the customer service representative online says they would look into it.
I hadn’t heard anything by Sunday afternoon so I called back and they told me they would do their best to see if the company they use to service their products in my area could fit me in on Monday morning. I wouldn’t know till Monday morning if they could.

Monday morning first thing…they were at my home.

Crazy Sign #4
When the technician arrived, after I had just lived through this debacle with this company, I assumed the technician was going to be just like everyone else I had interacted with, but he wasn’t. His service was great. I mean perfect. So good, I was ready to sign my life away for another 2 year contract with Dish because of how awesome the service was. I thought,“These guys need to be working for corporate.”

That’s just like the “crazy ex syndrome.”  Acting one way one day and another way the next. Even though I was happy to get my satellite fixed and grateful the technician was so great, this is not the way to be in a relationship with anyone. It’s definitely not how you keep customers.

I was ready to go to Direct Tv so fast because I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around the idea that no one I talked to online or on the phone could simply say, “Mr. Porter we’ll take care of it. YOU WILL have your service fixed on the original date of your appointment.” No one had the power to say that. Instead I got “crazy.”

So as humorous as it sounds. Think about this: No one wants to waste time or money on “crazy.” So let’s make sure we don’t work or live with a “crazy ex syndrome” attitude.

Let’s be ourselves, but at the same time know if we are going to be successful it will take consistency and dependability.

Just look at God.
Think about God and His success. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever- never changing. A role model for us all.

Consistency is how we make long lasting impact.
Dependability is how we keep customers loyal.

Do you work for a company that perhaps functions in “crazy?”

Are you known for being one way one day and another the next?

Seek out a answer to the problem because it’s only so long till crazy get’s old.


2 thoughts on “The “Crazy Ex Syndrome”

  1. I had the same experience with Emerson when our television broke and we were still under warranty. Should’ve been easy but it was like taking candy from a kid. Not cool. Needless to say I learned my lesson – no longer do I buy Emerson products… nor do I take candy from children.

    1. Haha gotta watch those fingers. I was truly hoping I could some how wiggle my way out of my contract but it was a no go. At the end of the day everything worked out. But lesson learned…

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