Five Guys sells more than just burgers

HIDI-76-five-guys-pop_3280Who doesn’t love Five Guys? A monster burger with tons of fries you can never finish. Trust me if you’re not hungry now, you will be after reading this…

I occasionally treat myself to the juicy goodness of Five Guys and I recently had the opportunity to hear the story of how Five Guys’ founder Jerry Murrell got started and his values for running the company to this day.

From the start the Murrell family understood the best salesman was their customer. Jerry states, “Treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you.” They always focused their energy on what’s most important: their product.

From the beginning their goal has always been: keep it simple. This is why all their energy is placed in their food and not the decor.

Because the star of their company is their food, they never cut corners.
Their beef is never frozen.
Their hamburgers are made to order.
Jerry shares, “ This is why we will never do drive-throughs – it’ll take too long.”
His flagship location he once had a sign posted “ If you’re in a hurry, there are a lot of really good hamburger places within a short distance from here.”

They still to this day use many of the same vendors they used when they started the company in the mid 80‘s.

One word comes to mind over and over again as I read the story of Jerry Mutchell and his sons, consistency. His goal has always been to give a consistent product and experience. Every time.

They go to great lengths to do it. They have two-third party audits every week in every store. Both for cleanliness and safety. If a store gets a good score the crew working at the time will split a fresh $1000. Just one more reason why Five Guys is a success.

What can we do to make sure we stay consistent in our work?

How can we challenge ourselves to ask the question: Are we giving the same energy to our job as we did last year? Or the year before? Or when we first started and were excited?

If not? why?

Everyone loses their passion now and again and has to get refueled. Five Guy’s has a definitive vision for their company. It’s what keeps them focused. What about your company? Better yet, what about your life?

Spend sometime writing a vision statement for your life. Writing out your values.  As well, spend some time reflecting upon your company’s vision statement asking yourself does your work ethic reflect it?

And go on head out to Five Guys…you know you want too…I just might see you there.


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