Jimmy Fallon is a Genius


If you’re like like me staying up to watch Jimmy Fallon at 12:35am isn’t on the top of your list.

But here is another reason to get excited about Jimmy Fallon;s take over of Jay Leno’s spot in February.

Fallon brings a level of creativity that no other late night host comes close to reproducing. He gets it: If you want to get noticed be different. He is willing to throw aside the status quo of late night television.

What I love about Fallon is even though there are parts of his show that are predicable, it’s moments like these that are pure genius. Where Lettermen and Leno are nothing but predictable, Fallon hits us with moments like he did last week.

If you grew up watching Full House take a second and go back in time to the Friday nights when we would sit around the television. Think back to those days where the “mullet” was king.

As we attack Wednesday with vengeance, take a second and reminisce, and welcome Jessie and the Rippers.


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