Today, lets be us.

1013136_10201609092654227_115979000_nThis past weekend Caley and I went and spent some time with her grandparents and decided to pick up Olive Garden for dinner.

So Caley left to pick it up; our order was quite large so she wasn’t able to unpack it at all when they came to her car. When she returned and we started unloading all the food, we found out we were missing one of two of the most essential parts to any Olive Garden meal: the salad dressing.

Olive Garden is known for two things: their breadsticks and their salad dressing. If there are two things you want your customers to get plenty of is the breadsticks and the salad dressing.

I know what happened, the employee was busy and got in the routine of his/her shift and just missed it. Doesn’t make them a bad employee. For whatever reason something else was more important at the time. Something else took precedent over us, the customer.

If we aren’t careful the same thing can happen to us in life.
The same thing can happen in our relationship with God.

All of us have unique gifts from God. We all have talents that we bring to the table that we do well.

God designed us that way.
When we live life cultivating those talents and using them for the greater good we are worshipping God.

Sometimes life can get in the way and other things begin to take precedent over our ability to do what we do well. We let parts of our life take precedent over our passions and what we love to do most.

Our creator uniquely designed us to be us.
He gave us gifts so that we could make a unique imprint on this earth.
We have to fight to make sure we find creative ways to live those gifts out.
Only then will we find our passion and feel purpose in life.

When we do it’s our pleasure to make sure we daily bring those gifts to the table.
It’s our way of showing God we get it.
It’s our way of showing Him we understand He created us to be us.
It’s a form of worship.

So, today lets be us.
Let’s use our talents and gifts the way God planned for us too.

Spend time today cultivating your passion and gifts.
Spend sometime dreaming about the life you want to live.
Spend some time writing out your fears.

Today, fight to be you and bring to the table what you know you do best.


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