Life at Christ Central – Sunday Recap

What an amazing weekend! We had Donnie Kittle and David Pleasant with us, two dear friends of our church. David has shared with us on numerous occasions and Donnie was our worship leader for almost two years (he is a portable church veteran) and Pastor Rob’s mentor. So it was a reunion for those of us who have journeyed with CCA for the past 5 years.

David shared with us from the following texts:
Genesis 12:1-4
Genesis 12:10
Genesis 13:1-4
Genesis 9:18-25

He really opened our eyes to something we all need to hear as we run after God’s dreams for our lives.

David helped us understand that even when things don’t look like what we thought they would, it doesn’t mean God isn’t by our side.

David’s talk was centered around two individuals: Abraham and Ham.

Abraham is the patriarch of ancient Israel and was called by God to move his entire family at the age of 75, not to Florida to retire but to a place he had never visited before. His new home was to be a location 400 miles south called Canaan. The future home of Israel.

Need to Know:
Abraham was originally named Abram which meant “father” and received the upgrade of “ham” when he was 99 years old. At that age the last thing you want is a nickname related to pork, but it meant something significant.

When God added “ham” onto his name in changed Abraham’s life forever. The word “ham” means multitude. So it was a foreshadowing of the future nation of Israel. It also represented where he was headed.

This is where Ham comes on the scene. Ham was the cursed son of Noah and his curse seemed to affect the land where his descendants settled. Their home? Canaan.

Canaan was a dead zone. The land was famished. There was nothing there.

God reversed the curse through Abraham and his name change was a foreshadowing of that.

God brings life to death.

What it Means:
Sometimes our life looks nothing like we thought it would. That’s okay. That’s what makes living for God exciting. God is more concerned with who we are becoming than where we are going.

Regardless of what something looks like in the present, it is nothing compared to what God has in store for our future. Read the story of Abraham. When things look the darkest, God does his best work. He did it with Abraham, He will do with us.

So start living…


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