Are we passionate for this…? // Psalm 119 // Chronological Bible Reading

Today’s reading: Psalm 119

Today we encounter the longest chapter in the Bible. 176 verses.

Throughout it we see one focus. One theme.
It’s God’s word.

The author shares over and over again the practicality of God’s word.
He personally enjoy’s God’s word.
He understands the power it brings to his life.
You can feel his passion for it.

For this author he probably didn’t even posses a complete Old Testament and for us, we have access to a Bible almost every second of every day.

Today’s author holds onto every word that he has in possession. He understands it’s the primary method God uses to communicate with us.

The author is in love with it.
It’s through a love of God’s word we get the amazing privilege of learning more and more of who God is.

His word is His gift to us.
It’s how we get to know Him more and more everyday.

Therefore, even though today’s text is gigantic and there is tons to discuss and reflect upon, let the theme be our focus.

Are we love in with God’s word? Head over heals in love with it?

May we learn to love God’s word with the passion we read today.

-Follow the other staff members and their observations from our chronological Bible readings here.


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