Life at Christ Central – Sunday Recap

photo-1Series: Be Bold
Text: Acts 5:18-29 NLT

BOLDNESS is a word we either love or hate. Whatever feelings we have about the word are mostly based upon what’s going on in our lives currently. The idea of BOLDNESS can bring feelings of restlessness either way you look at it. Whether we are talking about our connection with God or a big decision we have up coming in our lives.

Being BOLD isn’t easy.
What’s interesting about BOLDNESS is it shares a lot about who we are and what we are made of.

Our opinion of BOLDNESS shares with the world our understanding of God and life.
Our actions are motivated by the things we are convinced of being true.
Therefore, our BOLDNESS is a direct reflection of our HEART.

What we BELIEVE in – we are willing to be BOLD for.

This week I encourage you to insert a healthy dosage of BOLDNESS into your life. Whether you are thinking about your connection with God, a decision you have to make, a conversation you have to have, a decision to eat healthier, the desire to be a better boss, or be a better employee, BOLDNESS may be the key to all of them.

BOLDNESS is the door that leads to a BETTER life.

– As we pursue BOLDNESS we need to know it isn’t easy because BOLDNESS usually triggers opposition.

Here’s why: When God gets ready to do something great THROUGH YOU, you can count on great opposition coming TO YOU.

It could be an employee or family member giving their opinion. Everyone will have an opinion of why you shouldn’t BE BOLD. Everyone will have an opinion of what you shouldn’t do what you feel you should do. Sometimes, but not all the time, it’s because they have decided to let FEAR run their lives or it could be because they genuinely care for you.

– We need to know BOLDNESS, even though it attracts opposition, it triggers miracles.

We can either decide to run the race of life with FEAR or with BOLDNESS. To experience something like never before, you have to do what you’ve never done before.

Be Bold: God will blow your mind with miracles.

-To be BOLD it requires FAITH. Faith in God and faith in ourselves.

Don’t let FEAR rob you of what you could experience this week. At the same time, we must know BOLDNESS requires a belief that with God anything is possible.

What’s something you need to be BOLD about this week?
What’s the first thing that came to mind?
What’s stopping you?
Punch FEAR in the FACE.

Life is always better when you’re BOLD.


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