My Wife’s Failed Pinterest Project

I love my wife.
My wife loves Pinterest.

She kills it and I mean KILLS IT when she does projects off Pinterest.

This however, was not one of those times. I woke up this morning to this:

It’s suppose to be a homemade version of something called “Modge Podge” that turned into something living.

But it doesn’t matter that it didn’t work out, because she tried. (There’s actually a website for Pinterest fails. Check it out here.)

Having healthy lifestyles and relationships means we have to try something even if it fails.

Three months ago we watched Forks over Knives and decided to eat plant based (it’s the next step up from Vegan). Has it been easy? Of course not, but worth it? Yes. We feel better. We eat better. Do I cheat on the weekends? You know it! I just ate like 5 cookies.

I’ll share more about our journey to our Plant-Based Lifestyle and my love for meat in later posts, but if we never tried being plant-based we would have never known what it was like to achieve that goal.

I know an author who quits something every Thursday. He’s is crazy and inspirational all at the same time. Quitting something every Thursday may be impossible for you to do, but something that is plausible is STARTING something today. NOT next week – not even later this week. Today. Right now.

Why not?
We don’t need a reason. But you know you want too…

Live a little.

What’s one thing you’ve been dying to do?
What’s that one thing you’ve been wanting to start?

Then do it.
Just do it.

There’s no greater day than today.


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