God’s Big Big House //

In the 90’s a Christian band named Audio Adrenaline came out with a song called “Big House”. You might know it. Not gonna lie, it’s a little cheesy. But hey it was the 90‘s! My youth group used to rock out to it in middle school. The point of the whole song? God’s home is big enough for all of us.

In today’s reading a gift is given to God. It’s a home.
Big enough for everyone to experience God’s presence.

God commanded it to be built so we could gain an understanding of what was to come. We needed to understand that even though God’s presence was available to us, something was separating us from Him. Our sin.

The temple was another example of why Jesus had to die.

Solomon’s Temple was a place God’s people could go and worship Him. It was a literal location where they could know that God was present. God is present everywhere, not just in the temple, but it was in this place God and man could meet.

Today in our reading we got to experience what it was like for the very presence of God to enter this place. While we read it we can feel what Solomon must of felt…

God’s nation was starting a new era and God was blessing them with His presence.
The same cloud that led Israel through the wilderness had now come and filled the temple.

Spoiler Alert:
It would one day leave again. It would leave the temple because of the sin of the people, but would return later in an episode of Ezekiel’s life. It returned once again in Jesus.

After Jesus’ death things changed. We were now able to meet with God personally.
The Temple was pointless.

That same presence- God’s presence- is now in us.

As you read today reflect on the awe inspiring presence of God. Just imagine being there on that day and experiencing what they must have experienced. Be grateful we now get to experience that personally.

Never forgetting we get to experience it everyday.
His presence is ONE with us.

God has many homes because He lives everywhere. One is in you.


-Follow the other staff members and their observations from our chronological Bible readings here.


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