a date with PATIENCE

There is this gas station by my house.

It’s the closest one to my house, so when I’m sitting on empty, it’s where I go to re-fuel. The past three times I’ve went there, the customer service has been horrific. I lack patience in that area. Just being honest.

Last time I visited, I vowed never to go back. If I ever do… I will need patience. Remind me of that next time you see me there.

There are a list of things I pray for about Caley and I’s future every single day. Everyday when I pray those specific items, I truly believe they will one day come true. Until that day comes I must be patient. 

Patience…Who doesn’t struggle with it? Who doesn’t lack it? Who doesn’t need more of it.
I know I do. Tons of it. So do you.

When is the last time you needed it? Who is the last person we hurt because we didn’t posses it at the time? God knows our struggles. He knows what bothers us.

Thats why he says in Psalm 27:14…
Wait patiently for the Lord.
He knows it won’t be easy. In some circumstances, you may experience His presence only if you are patient. That’s why He goes on to say…

Be brave and courageous.
No matter the excuse no matter the circumstances…

Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.
David, who wrote these very words, believed that God’s goodness followed Him. The same is true for us, but it takes faith.

Patience takes faith. Faith in the One who can answer all our prayers. Faith in the One who is unbelievably patient with us. The One who can give us a life experience like no other.

We all have a date with patience.

“I know not what the future holds / but I know who holds the future.” – Stuart Hamblin


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