The past 5 Years have been amazing //

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 2.42.19 PMThis past week CCA celebrated 5 years! We had an incredible celebration and had the amazing opportunity of sharing our story with the world. As Caley and I watched the documentary here are some of our most fondest memories of the past 5 years:


  • God providing a place for us to serve after college.
  • God not allowing CCA to grow larger than what we were capable of leading.
  • God providing for our family when my (Jay) desire was to work full time in ministry.
  • Providing a tremendous location (Mebane Middle School) for our church as we began our journey.
  • Seeing lives changed from the start.
  • The door being opened for me (Caley) to join the staff as the CCA secretary in December.
  • God providing Ruebar for Crave (our College ministry) to meet on Tuesday nights. We were able to reach people that would never have been open to Jesus otherwise.


  • Truly learning learning what it means to be a portable church planter and falling in love with our community.
  • Everyday was an adventure.
  • Becoming the Student Life Pastor and getting the opportunity to serve all students at CCA. (Jay)
  • Moving our offices to Main Street in Alachua. We spent 1 full week from dawn till dusk moving, painting, cleaning, and un-packing.


  • After two years of working full time at another job God opened up the opportunity to serve at CCA full time. (Jay)
  • Believing in insane ideas like Egg Drop.
  • The opportunity to connect with other churches in our area when so many churches are closed to interaction.
  • Getting my own office. (Jay)
  • CCA moving to a less than ideal location (Alachua Elementary) so we can depend on and trust God in the unknown. Also, showing us how awesome His love really is by not only strengthening us during this time, but we became more of a family during it as well.
  • The sweat and tears of every CCA volunteer.
  • The chemistry of our staff.
  • Experiencing our community’s leadership reach out and desire for us to be involved in many city events as well as requested monthly leadership teaching from our Pastor.
  • For our vision: Love God. Love People. Serve Others.
  • Seeing student’s lives changed.


  • God’s faithfulness in the midst of the unknown.
  • Getting our helicopter for Egg Drop!
  • Continuing to grow despite our location.


  • Seeing Robby and Caleb, two guys I have known for years and had the privilege of pouring into, becoming pastors themselves. (Jay)
  • Seeing our students grow.
  • Being blessed with an amazing facility to grow in.

These are just a few of our favorite memories over the past 5 years!

I would love to hear your favorite memories as well…


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