The beginning of the end. // Chronological Bible Reading

Today’s Reading: Numbers 27-29

urlToday is the beginning of the end when it comes to our time with Moses. Aaron has passed. Miriam is gone. It’s only a matter of time before Moses passes on as the Israelites begin preparation to enter the Promise Land; something Moses only gets to look upon from a mountain top rather than experience. It’s weird we have traveled so far with Moses. He has inspired us and strengthened us along the way.  We’ve been there when he made some horrible mistakes. Those very mistakes sadly voided his entrance into the Promise Land. Moses wasn’t a bad guy, he just made some bad decisions.

If we are honest with ourselves, if we were standing in Moses’ shoes, we would have made the same decisions, but worse. Even with those mistakes, his leadership is still to this day an amazing example for all of us to follow.

Moses was now 120 years old and though it was time for him to move on, the people were not without a leader. He had led the people of Israel faithfully for 40 years. His inability to enter the Promise Land was no sign of defeat, but just a reminder of the consequences of our own personal sin. Even with his faults, he was a tremendous leader.  He had lead his people and they followed. When God wanted to punish the Israelites for their own mistakes Moses wept, changing the mind of God on numerous occasions.

The very fact that Moses didn’t get into the Promise Land is no sore spot on his leadership resume. His mistakes are nothing compared to what what we would have done if we were in his shoes. His leadership is still an example worthy of our following.

Moses did his part and made a difference. He was willing to do his part.

For us we have to ask ourselves whether or not we enter our own version of the Promise Land; will we still be faithful? If in the end we know God, we know He loves us, and we did our part… is that enough? If we never reap the benefits or get the recognition, are we okay with that?

One of the most profound quotes/tweet I have ever read brings this message to light: What if God wanted to bring awakening to your city and your only part in it was the obscure hidden work of prayer? (Read it again)

Can we honestly say we would be okay with that?

As we will read in the next few weeks Moses was. So should we…

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