The Only Cure // Chronological Bible

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 12-14:32

Leviticus is that book…

The book everyone laughs about when anyone talks about reading the entire Bible.

It’s the book you never start with when you want to begin a journey through God’s word. if you do, you won’t last long.

Even though it’s a difficult book to read, especially in the morning and if you’re not really a detail oriented person, it is full of spiritual truth and power for our lives. In the midst of the details, comes life.

In today’s reading there is a ton of talk about contamination and cleansing. A great pic of who we are in Christ. We were contaminated by our own sinful nature and in Christ we are cleansed.

Chapter 14 is a chapter full of hope for those have found themselves contaminated. In it there is talk about the process it takes for someone who was once contaminated with a skin disease and how they can be declared purified.

One disease Moses may have been referencing to in this chapter is leprosy. The Jews had no cure for leprosy. Therefore, if you were healed, it was a miracle. It was only by the grace of God.

Our CURE only OCCURRED when our Savior was willing to share it with the world. And in one day, with one death, everything spoken and every thing shared, even the book of Leviticus….made sense.

Our sin is like leprosy back in the days of Moses.
No cure.
No way to ease the pain.
Our salvation is from Christ alone.
A miracle of all miracles.

Salvation is of the Lord.-Jonah 2:9

Live today knowing you posses that miracle.

Through this process, the priest will purify the person who was healed, and the person will be ceremonially clean. – Leviticus 14:20

-Follow the other staff members and their observations from our chronological Bible readings here.


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