A Community UNITED is UNSTOPPABLE // Chronological Bible

Todays Reading: Exodus 35-36

A community united is unstoppable.
A community united can change the world.

We talk a lot about community at CCA because we understand God created us to live life together. That’s why we love to serve our community and do life together.

Here in Exodus 35-36 we see the power of a community united:

As a unit they constructed The Tabernacle.

  • The place where God met with His people.
  • The place where sacrifices were made for the forgiveness of sin.
  • The place where the sacred meet the sinful.
  • The place that would foreshadow the cross.

We read today the people gave so much they had to be restrained from doing so.

  • Their giving brought a unified place for them to experience God’s presence in their community.
  • Their giving gave a visual representation of God’s presence.
  • Their giving was more than enough.

As we live for Jesus and unite as a community of Jesus followers, we too bring God to our world. We bring a spiritual representation of God’s presence to our world by how we live and share Jesus.

What Moses and his crew where constructing was something physical that represented something spiritual. Once completed that was it and they out gave the need.

As we live for Jesus we can never out give the need.

  • There will always be needs.
  • There will always be a place to show God’s love.

Whether it’s inviting someone to church, donating our time or talents, or maybe it’s even bigger.

For example:

  • The estimated cost for everyone to have clean water is $10 Billion. We spend $100 billion on bottled water in this country alone.
  • Hunger could be solved for $30 Billion. Americans and Europeans spend $31 Billion a year on Ice Cream.
  • “Currently, the United States has over 100,000 orphans waiting in foster care for adoptive families to call their own. Given the number of churches throughout the U.S., every waiting child could have a family if less than one family per church adopted.”

A community united is unstoppable.

What’s your part?

-Follow the other staff members and their observations from our chronological Bible readings here.


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