Death = Freedom // Chronological Bible

Today’s reading: Exodus 10-12

There is no doubt the event that led to the Israelites freedom was the one that penetrated the hearts of the Egyptians. When God put to death all the first born of Egypt, the city wept.

What was the worst day of one’s life was the best ever for the other. For the Israelites death=freedom.

It all began with a celebration still reflected on by Christ followers and still celebrated in Judaism, The Passover.

In the details surrounding the final plague over Egypt God gives His people special instructions on how to survive the death of their first born and ultimately find freedom.

This meal, centered around the death of a sacrificial lamb, was more than just a pathway to freedom for the Israelites, but a picture of what was to come.

This was a foreshadowing of God’s gift of freedom from eternal death from the shedding of blood by the only lamb capable of such a gift.

Jesus, the one who was willing to be the sacrifice for us all, destroyed what held our spiritual freedom captive. Sin no longer had it’s reign.

Peter has the Passover lamb in mind when he says we were ransomed “with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot” (1 Pet. 1:19). Jesus is the Passover lamb that was sacrificed for us. 1.

The one who was sinless and without blemish, died for those who were…us.

It’s no coincidence the last week of Jesus’ life intertwined with The Passover celebration. As Jews all over the world prepared to slay lambs in remembrance of what we read today- Jesus was offering Himself as an offering on our part.

Just a few short hours before His death He said these words…

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1. Holcomb, Justin, Randsomed,


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