Our Journey Begins // Chronological Bible // Jan 1st

awesome-sunsetOne aspect of our house I love is our living room window. On any given night, it allows us a front row seat to the day’s unique sunset, something Caley and I quite often sit and observe after a day at the office.

What I love about Genesis 1:1-2:4 is it gives us a front row seat to not only the first sunrise ever, but the creation of the world. Some of God’s most creative insights are shared in these two chapters. The Old Testament uses a word for “create” that is only attributed to God when it comes to His artistic passions described here. He “creates” and accomplishes in Genesis 1-2 what only He can do.

As the creation story unfolds, we come to understand just how different we are from the rest of the created world. We are created like no other created being. We were created like Him. We are created in His likeness. A gift God gave to us and one of the greatest days ever for mankind, He gave us life…He breathed it into us…

But the worst day of our short existence soon follows.

The great thing is God wastes no time, Genesis is setting the theme for the entire Bible: we need God and He is close by.

Just imagine, the creation of the world begins with light coming to darkness. God’s divine voice penetrating the darkness of space to form a world, a universe that pleases God every stretch of the way.(1)

The scene quickly changes and darkness comes to our world. It comes between us and God in the form of sin. But our sin, man’s fall from perfection, thankfully was no surprise to God.

Even though our relationship with God was perfect for just mere seconds in comparison to eternity. In the midst of the darkness, ironically we can celebrate. Why? God is here.

Genesis is our opportunity not to mope about what was, but celebrate what is. 

You see from the very moment God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, in perfect unity, said “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.” (Genesis 1:26),  the cross of Christ cast it’s shadow across all of the Bible and all of eternity. Sin thankfully was no shock to God.(2)

We can rejoice in the amazing truth that as we were made in God’s likeness, even with our fall, His will for us to be one with Him was still a reality in the shadow of Christ’s death and resurrection. We see a picture of the cross from page 1 of Genesis. 

Every step of the way God’s plan was in tact. A reason for celebration!

So as our journey of reading through the Bible as it actually occurred begins, let’s celebrate (even in the middle of some the most difficult texts we will encounter like in Leviticus and all the genealogies).

Let’s celebrate, with the cross as our guide, with God by our side.

Follow the other staff members and their observations from our chronological Bible readings  here.

  • 1 Paul House, Old Testament Survey, (Broadman Press 1992), p27
  • 2 Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson, The Explicit Gospel, Crossway (Wheaton, ILL: Crossway Publishing, 2012), p.58.

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