Rex Ryan, a hobbit and what the two have in common…

ThehobbitI’m a J.R. Tolkien fan as well as a fan of Tebow.

Tebow’s current coach Rex Ryan could learn a little something from the latest Tolkien flick to hit theaters.

The entire theme of The Hobbit is Bilbo Baggins’ willingness to find his inner strength by his willingness to do the unthinkable; leave what is the norm (The Shire), for the unknown. He is willing to go against his first instinct, to stay comfortable, and go on a adventure not knowing the outcome. For Bilbo, the unknown and it’s unlimited possibilities outweighed the option of staying at home and never changing.

What’s this have to do with Rex? 

This past week the Jets decided, even with no playoff birth, to skip over Tebow for the starting job for the last two games of the season, revealing the closing chapter on Tebow’s career with the Jets and maybe even in the NFL, period.

Rex and his crew decided their current system was more important then the unknown; even though their current system isn’t working. With two games left, giving Tebow a chance would have not only excited the Jet’s fan base, but it would have shared something about his leadership…that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. 

Not only will Tebow be leaving, Sanchez will likely be traded, and Rex will most likely, eventually loose his job.

This is a leadership lesson for all of us…

Any good leader understands great systems are half the battle when it comes to winning, but systems are pointless if their results are not a “W”.

Bilbo Baggins was willing to at least try to put himself out there to experience a life worth living. Bilbo was willing to do whatever it took to win, which even meant putting himself out there in ways he did not find comfortable.

Rex Ryan shows he doesn’t deserve to be a head football coach because he doesn’t have what it takes to win. He doesn’t have what it takes to find his inner Bilbo.

At least not this season…

We can all learn a lesson from Rex. 

Change isn’t the enemy for the most part, it’s ourselves. 

Live life for the win…


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