Top 5 Experiences of my life this week:

My favorite experiences from my life this week:

  1. Spending an evening watching “Elf” on the lawn at Tiogo Town Center with Caley. We were the only ones there without kids, but it was free!
  2. Preaching Jesus this Wednesday to a group of amazing students. We wrapped up our series “My-So-Callled-Friends”. Jump on Itunes to hear part 1 and 2.
  3. Spending an entire day planning out 2013 with our staff. Our annual yearly planning meeting was full of Jesus, food, and figuring our what sermon series we had to cut loose. The selection process was hard considering every idea was so amazing.
  4. Going to Santa Fe High and detailing a plan of action for CCA’s new home.
  5. Revealing Verge’s “No Shave November” Best Beard Competition. A fun way to celebrate the manliest month of the year.

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